Weight: 8.1 lbs, Diameter: 12.125″, Depth: 5.125″, Cutout size: 10.75″


Impedance * 


Power * 


Dustcap * 


Basket Color * 

Basket Color

Dope * 


The favorite for Deluxe Reverb: (if you use no pedals for dirt and you want the speaker to break up a little): [12F150, 8 ohm, 25w, light dope] / (if you use pedals for dirt or you want the speaker to stay cleaner): [12F150, 8 ohm, 50w, light dope] Great blackface tone with ceramic punch. Replaces Chicago Jensen C12N and Oxford ceramic 12’s. 12″, 40oz ceramic magnet, 25 or 50 watts, 1-1/2″ voice coil, ribbed cone. Warm, smooth breakup, aggressive, punchy, loud.


Custom colors available. If you choose the custom color option, please note what you want in the comments. Follow us on social media to see what we can do!


Need help with the explanation of the speaker names? click <here>.

• What’s Dope?

• What’s an H dustcap?

Speaker: 12F150
Guitar Style: Telecaster
Amp Style: Fender

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Ted Weber Speakers are built with tighter, more concentric voice coil gaps, and lower carbon, machined steel parts in the magnet circuits which yield a stronger, more controlled tone at all volumes, particularly in the low end at high volumes.


Ted Weber Speakers are hand-built to order, to ensure the best attention to detail is paid to your speaker.  We build them one at a time, on a table – not hundreds at a time on an assembly line.  This allows us to reduce the margin for error and produce an overall higher-quality speaker.  Please allow 7-10 business days for your order to be built and then shipped.

11 reviews for 12F150

  1. Richard

    Before placing my order I contacted C.J. for advice on the best speakers for my black face, 1967, Fender Pro Reverb Amplifier. He gave me four options based on what I told him I was looking for tone wise. I went with option 1, which was 2X12, 12F150, speakers, light dope, standard dust cap, and well broken in prior to shipment. This is what I was thinking initially, but had some questions to be sure before ordering. C.J. was patient and helpful with information so that I could make my choice and order. Once the speakers arrived I installed them and warmed up the amp. The sound was big, with that Fender chime while playing clean on my Stratocaster. I switched over to my 335 and the sound was also full and put out rich bell tones. I typically set the Pro with the treble rolled back to 5 and the bass at 5 since it is bright. As the amp warmed up I turned the volume up to about 5. The speakers produced nice distortion/breakup and the amp spoke with authority. I am very pleased with my selection. I use a 10F150 in my silver face Princeton that Ted himself recommended. With Weber you get great speakers, great advice from the actual guys that make the product, and great service. What else could you ask for? You also get great tone for years!

  2. Frank

    I recently purchased a new Fender Princeton Reverb Reissue. As an owner of an original brown tolex 1962/1963 Princeton Reverb, I’ve always loved the PRs tones. The reissue is a great amp, no doubt. However, with the reissue I wanted to increase the great tone, not change it (and will never modify the original). I installed an Allen TO20 output transformer, good tubes, and wanted to do a speaker swap. The Weber 12F150 was the proper choice because I wanted to "open up" the sound and have more headroom overall and clarity. I did have to build a new speaker board (baffle), which I did from baltic birch plywood since PRs have a 10" speaker. My reissue came stock with a Jensen Alnico, which sounds very good. The Weber 12F150 is amazing in this application! The tone is superb at the very least. Much more dimensional and 3D sounding compared to the 10" speaker. Later break-up and more volume. The break-up now is about a notch and a half later and smoother and and overall detailed. Now the PR sounds more like a 18 or 20 watt amp since the speaker pushes much more air. I could not be more pleased with this upgrade. Yes, it does require effort to build the new baffle, but well worth the effort.

  3. SteveTR (verified owner)

    My initial quest was to get my hands on a ’65, ’66 or ’67 Twin Reverb. It’s a big heavy amp with a big clean sound, exactly what a clean headroom guy wants to hear. However, what I ran across was a “new” (2015) ’65 Twin Reverb Reissue that had been modified with PTP wiring using top of the line caps and resistors, a true handwired AB763 circuit. It sounded awesome. But being a total tone freak, and since I was so totally impressed with the 10F150’s that CJ recommended for my similarly modified Vibrolux, I figured a pair of 12F150’s might just be icing on the cake. Concerned about the power handling, I came to the realization that the original Blackface amps came with a pair of C12N’s, which is virtually what Ted Weber used as his concept and design for the 12F150’s. I new I wouldn’t be disappointed with a pair of these 12’s the new Twin – and OMG, was I right. Now I can’t wait to hear complete tonal bliss as these speakers break in. I big thanks to CJ and the entire Weber team.

  4. Danny

    Check any forum thread about speakers for Fender amps and you will undoubtably stumble over mentions of the 12F150. I’ve used Weber’s speakers in several amps, always with wonderful results, but for some reason avoided the 12F150, probably due to some aversion to conventional wisdom. Well, conventional wisdom is usually so for a reason – I recently picked up a ’78 Deluxe Reverb, my second after a short-lived fling with a ’68 Custom reissue. This time i decided not to mess around, and to go for the 12F150 – 50W, Light Dope. Man. Am I glad I did. First of all, this speaker is loud. I feel like this fact is not necessarily broadcasted adequately, but there was a night and day difference in the efficiency between this and the stock Utah. "Living room" volume with the old speaker was like 4, here it is at 2 on the volume knob. At 4 it is rattling windows. Maybe not the best choice for a bedroom player, but for a gigging musician playing mostly country and jazz gigs, just right. Right off the bat, the sound seems well-balanced, with amazing 3d presence but no ice pick.Tight bass, and nice mids. I can’t recommend this speaker enough, really. It is a modern-day classic for a reason.

  5. Preston (verified owner)

    While I did not purchase my 12f150 from tedweber.com, the kind people at Weber were generous enough to still offer me recommendations to purchase a like-new speaker from Reverb. I am so damn happy with it that I felt compelled to write a review. I am playing a 12" 50w light dope standard dustcap 12f150 through a blackface RI Fender Deluxe with some tube upgrades. When I first got the speaker, I was very put off by how bright it was, but after doing my research, I used the audiotools app on my iPhone to run a 60hz square wave through it for 8-10 hours at a time while i was at work. After about 60 hours of sending tones through it, and 15-20 hours of playing, I can’t believe that this is the same amp. My Fender telecaster and Gibson 335 sounds very warm, rich, and pleasing, all while being detailed and articulate. Being a big van of warmth and vibe, I am curious to hear the H dustcap, and I might just buy one for the heck of it. But as a fan of large pedalboards, I think that the standard dustcap has it’s own advantages if you are using a lot of effects. You can’t go wrong with this speaker. Stick with it through the break in period and you will be very pleased that you have basically doubled the quality of your Deluxe for about 10% of the original cost of the amp.

  6. Blake (verified owner)

    I was running a Celestion V12 70 which was OK. After I heard the life the Weber Alnico 6S put into my lil Champion 600, I knew I needed to upgrade. I was torn between alnico and ceramic. Weber reccomened I stay with ceramic based on my pedal usage.

    I felt like the sound was as good or better out of the box in my Hot Rod Deluxe. Now after a few months of break in, including some jams and a couple mid volume range gigs, that speaker is amazing. Cleans are so Fendery and even producing dirt/fuzz/overdrive, I feel like the sound is so more precise. Reverb, delay, chorus all really come through.

    Costs are similar to other premium speakers and Weber’s are hand made in Indiana.

    You won’t regret it.

  7. Sanjay

    Everyone wants a 4X10 for a Super Reverb. I love 2x12s. I installed a pair of these on an Avatar 2×12 cabinet. I play my custom SuperReverb head through these speakers. My favorite amp+speakers combo for playing my hardtail Strat and Japanese Tele. Overall a clean sound. Raise the preamp volume to a 6+ and the master (my SR has a master) to a 6 as well and and the speakers start to break a little. Takes effects pedals very well. I primarily use the ShinJuku drive and The silver Archer.

  8. Gerry

    I have a 1968 drip edge Bassman head that has been blackfaced to the AA864 circuit. I did my research to see what speakers would be a good match for this amp. These speakers bring out the best in this amp. I put two of the 50 watt rated speakers in a 2×12 old school Sears Silvertone cabinet. I A/B’d a Fender Strat and Telecaster to get an idea of the tonal palette of the amp with these speakers. All of the clean bell-like chime you would expect from a good Fender amp. When the volume is turned up the speakers shine and give a bit of compression and grit to the overall tone. The highs are clear but not spiky. I played non stop for four hours last night and kept wanting more. These speakers took me to tonal nirvana. The original speakers in the cabinet were a couple of Celestion Vintage 30’s. Good in their own right, but not the right match for this amp. This combination also does well with pedals, mainly overdrive. I use a Menatone Red Snapper, G2D Cream-tone and a Keeley modified Maxon OD-9. All sound awesome. I play in a band that prominently plays blues and classic rock tunes. I highly recommend considering this speaker if you are looking to improve your tone. It sure helped mine. Cudos to the folks at Weber for making a great affordable product. I also have a pair of 12A150’s in my Fender Pro Reverb and four 10A150’s in my Peavey Classic 50 410. All of them are awesome too. When I need speakers I know where to find the best out there. Honestly, why would I look elsewhere? I’m a Weber customer for life. Take the plunge and treat yourself. You will be glad that you did.

  9. Michael (verified owner)

    12F150 50W 8Ω standard dustcap, light dope

    In the 20+ years I’ve owned this 40W combo, I never heard it properly before now. This speaker is somewhat "scooped" in the midrange just the way I like it. Clean, it has clear, chimey highs and a tight, ballsy low end with a perfect roll-off. Crunchy and cranked, it’s pure dynamite: fast, responsive and crisp. A very pleasing high end, not "spiky" at all. I absolutely love it. And it’s LOUD. Or not. Your call.

  10. cminor9

    It’s hard to believe it’s been almost ten years since I built my deluxe reverb clone with the 12F150. I chose this speaker simply because it’s what was recommended when I sent Weber an email.

    My deluxe reverb is the best sounding one I’ve ever heard. I’m just a hobbyist at the craft, I have no business building an amp that sounds so good. I don’t want to take credit for it, I think the speaker is the real star here.

    I go to music stores and always plug into deluxe reverbs, old and new, and it’s just never the same.

    I have several different speakers and cabs, and have tried em all with the deluxe reverb. The amp still sounds fine, but there’s a reason the 12F150 is bolted in the deluxe reverb. There’s just something magical about it the with a blackface fender.

    If you need a speaker for a deluxe reverb, I cannot recommend this speaker strongly enough.

  11. SeaRock750 (verified owner)

    I replaced my Hot Rod Deville with a 12F150 and a 12F150B. I have been upgrading this amp for a while with caps and tubes, this was by far the finishing touch she needed 🙂 A quick email will get you tons of information!

    I play grungy gritty music and also crispy clean solos! My buddy has some high end EM’s, pushed by a Marshall. He plays in metal bands (mentioned for reference) We broke in the Weber’s for a few hours drummer included, and we all agreed that they both sound incredible! I prefer the Weber’s due to American Hand made and it has a clearer sound. The articulation and punch is very fantastic at a higher gain and loud levels. Blended marvelously with the drums! You will be pleased by the response!

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