Weight: 9.1 lbs, Diameter: 15.125″, Depth: 6.31″, Cutout size: 13.75″


Power * 


Dustcap * 


Dope * 


Impedance * 


For tweed Pro and other amps with 15″, replaces Chicago Jensen C15P and Eminence 15’s. 1

5″, 40oz ceramic magnet, 30 or 50 watts, 1-1/2″ voice coil, ribbed cone.

This speaker is very similar to the original Chicago C15P. Players who want to get more power tube distortion at a lower volume prefer the C15P over the C15N due to its lower sensitivity. You can get a great crunch out of this speaker at lower volumes, yet it has decent dynamics and headroom due to the ceramic magnet. Medium breakup, crunch and punch. Earlier breakup than a C15N, more focused in the mids and upper mids.

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• What’s Dope?

• What’s an H dustcap?

Ted Weber Speakers are built with tighter, more concentric voice coil gaps, and lower carbon, machined steel parts in the magnet circuits which yield a stronger, more controlled tone at all volumes, particularly in the low end at high volumes.


Ted Weber Speakers are hand-built to order, to ensure the best attention to detail is paid to your speaker.  We build them one at a time, on a table – not hundreds at a time on an assembly line.  This allows us to reduce the margin for error and produce an overall higher-quality speaker.  Please allow 7-10 business days for your order to be built and then shipped.


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