5F1 Amp Kit

5W, 1×8, 1×10 or head. Complexity: 1


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Single-ended 6v6 amp kit. 5W.

(1×10 cabinet version is the 5F2A sized cabinet with a cutout for the 5F1 amp)


If you would like this kit assembled for you by one of our techs, you can email your request HERE. for a build quote.


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Thank you for your interest in Weber Amplifier Kits. We would like for you to read the following information so you are aware of some of the issues involved with building an amp kit.

• We provide a layout and a schematic, but we do not include step by step assembly instructions.
• Troubleshooting advice can be found in the Kitbuilding section of the Forums
• Kits with cabinets ship as one complete shipment.
• Lead time for kits is at least 4 weeks and ebbs and flows with the world’s production/supply.
• All kits are shipped with signature required for delivery.

Please Read: The complexity of Weber kits ranges from very simple to extremely complex. We do not recommend anyone attempting to build any of our kits that are rated at 3 or higher in complexity unless you have the assistance of a qualified amp builder or electronics technician. Because of the sensitivities to wire placement, grounding schemes, and other parts related issues, troubleshooting the potential malfunctions and noises can be very frustrating without the experience and knowledge. All Weber amplifier kits have lethal voltages that are present even after power is removed. You must exercise extreme caution when working with high voltages. Before ordering any of these kits, you should look over the schematics and layouts provided for each kit to ensure there is enough information for you to feel comfortable building the kit. Click here for an explanation of complexity ratings.

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“Hey guys, these kits aren’t Lego™ sets. They require some thought, experience, and the correct tools. If you do not think you have the time, ability, nor tools to do this, maybe this isn’t for you right now. If you still want to build one of our kits, but are a little uncertain, please enlist the aid of a qualified tech.” — Ted Weber.

FINE PRINT: Weber kits are sold only with the guarantee from the buyer, builder, and subsequent seller that no trademarked names or company logos other than Weber or the builders name will be placed anywhere on the kit. By clicking the submit button on the order form, the buyer is certifying his or her compliance with this agreement and guarantee. Failure to comply may result in legal action by the owner of the logo or trademarked name. Buyer agrees to absolve Weber of any legal liability which may result from noncompliance of the agreement.


4 reviews for 5F1 Amp Kit

  1. Bill (verified owner)

    What a nice amp. If you are on the fence about searching for a vintage or reissue amp give this company some serious consideration. I bought a princeton reverb reissue and had them fit a speaker for it that opened the amp right up. I wanted a nice little practice amp and decided to give weber a shot. What a good choice. I had one of there tech’s wire it up for me. I wish I had them put their version of the princeton together for me. They know how to get an amp to get the sound you are after. The amp was shipped fast and packed well. This amp is clean until you get to about 5 on the volume. Then it starts breaking up and gets good and dirty all the way up. It has a nice full round sound for a 5 watt amp. I highly recommend using this company. Just go for it. You will not be disappointed. Music makes the world a better place. Rock on. Bill

  2. James (verified owner)

    I just finished building a 5F1. What a great, bare-bones, fantastic-sounding little amp this is! Fantastic clean sound, awesome gritty vintage rock sound when pushed past 6, and surprisingly loud! The Class A sound is everything I have always heard everyone rave about.

  3. Brad Rebar (verified owner)

    This is a very nice amp it sounds really great. It was a very easy first amp build if you take your time, and build it as neatly as you can, ie look at an original Fender amp chassis. Check each solder joint with a magnifying glass, I had to re solder some of the connections that I swore looked good until I inspected them more closely. The amp fired up first time, I had to adjust the cathode bias because the output tube (6v6) was running hot. It was easily corrected.

    The price point of this amp is lower than most other sellers so you must understand that some of the switches, pots, inputs etc. may need to be upgraded. They would probably work just fine, though. The chassis, wire, caps, transformers, handle etc. were all very good quality. I did not order a cabinet.

    This is my favorite amp, the sound is exactly what I was looking for. The 5 watt class A amp is very loud if it needs to be, but at lower volumes the nice distortion remains.

  4. rad (verified owner)

    Wow! What a great amp and it has to be heard to comprehend why people rave about this amp or, the 5F1 circuit especially playing through a Weber 8″ speaker. I now have two builds finished. One for myself and another for a friend who had to have one when she heard mine. She plays an electric acoustic guitar, an older Stratacoustic, and loves the harmonic distortion it adds. She plays the amp with the volume at 3.

    I used all stock parts provided by Weber except for fuse holder, pilot light and a 1/4 inch jack for the speaker output. My kit came with chinese tubes. They are screamers. I followed the layout and used the boards provided. Fired up the first time. I have a Blue Pup in mine and love it. It is the circuit making the magic and any good 8″ speaker from Weber will sound great in it. Blue Pup gives a nice shimmer to the essentailly flat tone of the circuit. The 25 uF bypass cap on the first cathode of the pre-amp tube, coupled with the 1.5K resistor sets that sweet tone. Bass E string at near amplitude parity with the with the high E. No mid scoops in this signal. Weber PT, WO22772, is great and has more than enough power at 100 mA. OT, WO22905 does a great job as well. My third build will use the WO22905M so I can use and 8 ohm speaker and have an extension speaker (8 ohm) output that would use the 4 ohm tap.

    My second build did away with the boards and overall layout. I used terminal strips and did away with some wires. I also followed Rob Robinette’s advice with regard to grounding and the results were a very quiet idling. Power section, including 6V6 cathode biasing and the plate resistor ground to this bus. Pre-amp tube, volume and inputs jacks ground to another common bus. Only one input jack needs to be grounded since they are connected and one ground for them both is enough. Also, speaker jack(s) are grounded by the black wire and need no chassis ground.

    Weber tests all of their components and the PT, OT and caps/resistors provided will give great sound. The tone is in the circuit design and as long as components perform properly the 5F1 goodness will emerge. Astron caps in the power section would have cost 8 times more. I cannot imagine an eight-fold increase in tone. That is for sure.

    I will stick to what Weber offers. They work well.

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