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6M18 Chassis Only

6M18 Chassis Only, includes Front and Rear Panels

Fiber Board and Brass Plate not included


Style * 


Controls * 


– 6 – 9 pin socket holes.
– Acrylic control panel
– 2 Channel, 2 Volumes, 2 Tones, Intensity, Speed, or TMB
– Faceplate and controls standard size and location. Available with Vibrato or TMB lettering and in combo or head version.
Chassis Kit includes the chassis, pilot lamp lens, brass plate, fiber board, and plexi panel(s).
Chassis only includes plexi panel(s).

– .090″ Aluminum
– Our chassis products may require some modifications for a particular application, such as accommodating the transformers and chokes to be used.
Accordingly, these chassis products are best suited for experienced amp builders who have the necessary knowledge and tools to effect the modifications.


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