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6O100 Chassis Kit

6O100 Chassis Kit

Includes: Chassis, Fiber Board, Front and Rear Panels


– 4 octal, 2-9 pin socket holes.
– White plexi control and back panels with black lettering, .090″ aluminum chassis
– Hi and Lo Input Volume, Bass, Mid, Treble, Drive, Boost, Master Volume, Presence,
Chassis Kit includes the chassis,, fiber board, and plexi panel.
Chassis only includes plexi panel.

– .090″ Aluminum
– Our chassis products may require some modifications for a particular application, such as accommodating the transformers and chokes to be used.
Accordingly, these chassis products are best suited for experienced amp builders who have the necessary knowledge and tools to effect the modifications.


Brass Grounding Plate
– Precisely punched with no material mounding or shearing around hole.

Fiber Eyelet Board
– Dense paper laminate with high dielectric strength and moisture resistance to prevent ‘Tweed’ disease.
– Routed and machined on CNC milling machines for clean edges and perfectly aligned holes.
– All eyelets retinned for ease of soldering.


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