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Alnico Signature 6

Weight: 2.25 lbs, Diameter: 6.5″, Depth: 3.6875″, Cutout size: 5.25″






Replacement for Fender Champion 600 (reissue, not original early 50’s model.) and other amps using 6″ speakers. 6″, 7oz AlNiCo magnet, 4 ohms, 15 watts, 1″ voice coil, smooth cone for early breakup, low detail, low headroom, crunch tone

Will NOT fit in early tweed Champ (w/6″ speaker) without modifying the mounting as shown here.

Will NOT fit in Gretsch G5222.

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Ted Weber Signature Series speakers use all industry-standard parts and are an economical choice as a replacement speaker for low to moderate volume use. We keep stock of these speakers so they ship within a few days of ordering.

5 reviews for Alnico Signature 6

  1. Les (verified owner)

    "I was looking for a small watt, bluesy yet grunty amp when pushed ..all valve of course ! .. chose a Gretsch g5222 (aka Fender 600) …it wasn’t cutting it. I spoke to the great team at Weber, decided on their Signature 6″ – fitted it and wowza..I got the tone that has eluded me for years. Who knew a great speaker makes that much difference…. Thanks to CJ and the guys at Weber!!

  2. Jason (verified owner)

    I finally got the Sig 6 installed in the Gretsch G5222, and it sounds outstanding. Just superb. Cleans are full and Fender-y crisp, and the drive fattens up and blooms in a really awesome way. Tough to believe it’s a 6" speaker, honestly, and it beats the death out of the thin, raspy stocker. And loud! Best upgrade for the amp so far.

    As for installation, I couldn’t get it to fit the stock enclosure, even with a short Tung Sol power tube. I ended up moving the speaker baffle about 1/4" to the left, which required drilling new mounting holes in the baffle. A little hack-y, but functional for now. It’s not entirely necessary, but I’ll probably cut a new baffle in the future.

  3. Willie (verified owner)

    I installed this speaker in the champion 600 in about ten minutes. I couldn’t believe how great it sounded! Night & day difference from the stock speaker! Before this upgrade I hardly ever played through this amp, it never gave me a reason to keep playing it. I almost sold it. Awesome speaker!!! It’s like I have a brand new amp. I’m very satisfied thanks guys!

  4. Jeremy (verified owner)

    This speaker is fantastic! The clarity and articulation is remarkable. There is a Significant increase in overall perceived volume. I just love it. I would highly recommend it and I will be looking to purchase some other products in the catalog in the future. I can’t wait to spread the good word!

  5. Jim (verified owner)

    Replaced a Jensen Vintage Ceramic I had purchased because Weber 6’s were out of stock at the time. Decided later I wanted to try an alnico – great decision. It’s like a different amp – the Jensen was almost shrill by comparison. The Weber 6 sounded more warm and open – kinda fuzzy, if you will. Planning on getting a 10 for my Super Champ down the road. Good folks to deal with too, very responsive to a couple of questions (C.J. in particular). Great product by a great company.

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