6V30 Cabinet

Cabinet to fit 6V30 chassis


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Cabinet to fit 6V30 chassis (price reflects high cost of shipping/handling/dim weighting by our shipping agencies.)

We have handles specifically for this cabinet that aren’t available on other cabs as they are the traditional style (Handle-V).

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British style cabinet manufactured with 13-ply birch plywood. Baffle is 3/8″ Baltic birch. All cabinets are finger-jointed. These cabinets can either have cutouts for amplifier chassis, or as an “extension cabinet” with no amp cutout leaving the top “flush”, and adding a jack-cup.

PLEASE NOTE: Our cabinets are designed to fit WEBER chassis. We do not make reproduction “Fender” or “Marshall” cabinets (unless they match our chassis). You can check the dimensions of our chassis here:Chassis Dimensions
Our cabinet builder has the ability to modify cabinets to include special baffles, chassis cutouts, and dimensions. There is a charge for this custom work, beginning at $50. If you have any questions, please feel free to contact us.

Cabinet Warranty: Weber warranties our cabinets for 6 months against any manufacturing defects in crafstmanship, peeling tolex, etc. This does not cover external damage — manufacturing defects only.


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