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8CM100 Chassis Kit

8CM100 Chassis Kit

Includes: Chassis, Front and Rear Panel


– 5 octal, 4-9 pin socket holes. Chassis is 22″ x 7.5″ x 2.5″
– Aluminum Chassis used for the 8CM100 amp kit. Two input jacks, Eight controls, Power, Standby, Pilot lamp hole (for MPL lamp)
– Rear Panel: IEC, mains fuse, B+ fuse, 2 speaker jacks, Impedance select, four Bias adjust, two bias test holes
– The transformer mounting will accommodate our WPT100 and WOT100HHR or LHR, w022699 Choke.

Note: There is no fiber board set for this chassis kit.

– .090″ Aluminum
– Our chassis products may require some modifications for a particular application, such as accommodating the transformers and chokes to be used.
Accordingly, these chassis products are best suited for experienced amp builders who have the necessary knowledge and tools to effect the modifications.


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