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Item Code: 8SigA
Alnico Signature 8 Item Code: 8SigA

Alnico Signature 8

  • Weight: 2.25 lbs, Diameter: 8.06", Depth: 3.75", Cutout size: 6.75"


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For almost all Champs with 8" speaker, to replace Oxford 8EV, Chicago Jensen P8R, C8R. 8", 7oz AlNiCo plug magnet, 15 watt, 1" voice coil, straight cone. Warm, crunchy, early breakup, compressed/fattened at high volume. This speaker fits in most Champs, but does not fit in the original Fender Tweed Champ. It does fit in our 5F1 cabinet (which has the more modern stock dimensions). For original Tweed Champs, please check out the CVA8

Technical Details


Ted Weber Signature Series speakers use all industry-standard parts and are an economical choice as a replacement speaker for low to moderate volume use. We keep stock of these speakers so they ship within a few days of ordering.

Customer Reviews of Alnico Signature 8

Excellent Value


February 08,2017
Excellent Value

I replaced an 8 inch ceramic vintage-style speaker with otherwise similar characteristics from another vender that came with a 5F1 kit I received for Christmas and built with my son-in-law. New out of the box, the Weber signature speaker just sounds fantastic at all volumes - I cannot wait to see how it improves with age. And the quality - I was not expecting such high quality in the construction and presentation of a 45 dollar speaker. I also think the alnico is particiuarly well suited to the vintage 5F1 circuit. Best thing is I did not have to pay the over 100 dollars Jensen charges for their 8 inch alnico reproduction. This is an excellent choice for vintage champs!

Great Tone


May 13,2016
Great Tone

I bought a new Fender Eric Clapton Vibro Champ and this is the stock speaker! The tone is too die for, all with the twist of the volume knob. The speaker does,nt flab out when cranked up! Fender done their homework on this one!

Well formed balanced sound with powerful controlled breakup


May 03,2016
Well formed balanced sound with powerful controlled breakup

I use this 8" (AlNiCo 8 inch Weber Signature Series Speaker , 4 Ohms - 8sigA-S4 ) on my Fender Champ Blackface "Rivera Era" Vintage 1981. The stock speaker sounded thin and not full bodied. I also switched to Jan Philips AX7 pre amp tube. I love the controlled break up in the amp. You can believe that Clapton got that Layla sound from a amp as small as this !