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Item Code: AC-MA
AC-MA Amp Cradle Item Code: AC-MA

AC-MA Amp Cradle

  • Chassis cradle for building and working on amps.

Seems everyone could use a decent amp cradle for builds and repairs. Note: Not intended to be used as a performance stand for your entire amp. This is for your amp-tech bench, to hold the amp chassis while you work on the inside, etc.

Technical Details



The slide is adjustable over a range of close to 30" and will accommodate a Champ to a Marshall 100 watt. The top of the rails are padded with antiskid foam rubber tracks. The overall dimensions are 30" wide, by 9-1/2" tall, by 7-1/2" deep.

Customer Reviews of AC-MA Amp Cradle

Excellent Amp Cradle !

David Topp

January 09,2019
Excellent Amp Cradle !

Just received this cradle today , And all I can say is WOW... If you build and /or work on amplifiers you need this cradle. It is Large and it will fit any amp chassis , And I mean any... Very firm & Sturdy.. Glad I bought it and I would recommend this cradle to any one.