Band-Aid Fuzz

4″ Length, 3.5″ Wide, 2.5″ Height


Custom Weber Fuzz pedal in vintage Band Aid brand tin.

It’s a silicon based darlington, 1 knob fuzz, with nos caps, 3 phases – different fuzz settings in 1 pedal…point to point handwired.

Great with guitar volume.

Every guitarist needs a band aid from time to time!

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  1. Charley

    Got this as a retirement gift a while back and circumstances kept me from getting to use it much until lately. I’m using it with a compressor(Joyo) and a delay (Catalinbread), going into a Fender Bassman 500 through a vintage JBL 15 inch that Weber reconed for me.
    The tone is amazing! The effect is very smooth and has superb sustain. When guitar volume is rolled back it actually cleans up nicely, too.
    I’ve used a 1984 Squier Strat, a homemade tele style, and a homemade Strat style. These sound really good and the single coil pick ups aren’t too noisy. I also have tried a D"Angelico Premier, PRS Custom 24, and an Epiphone SG for humbucker sounds. Again, really smooth through the Bassman and with the Weber reconed 15.
    Kind of reminds me of distortion pedals I used way back in the 60’s, 70’s, and 80’s (Fuzzface, Gibson Maestro, BIG MUFF, RAT), transistor/germanium types. Also works as a volume boost.
    Very nice pedal and a cool asset to a pedal board.
    Thanks to your sister, you, and your family for the kindness.

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