Bass 15

Weight: 11.6 lbs, Diameter: 15.125″, Depth: 6.31″, Cutout size: 13.75″


Impedance * 




Weber’s high-powered speaker designed specifically for Bass Guitar. Crisp, clear, bass tone, with tight low end. Big natural low end. Even frequency response.

15″, 60oz Ceramic magnet, 175 watt, 2″ bass voice coil, cloth-edged ribbed bass cone.

Sound clip below!

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Ted Weber Speakers are built with tighter, more concentric voice coil gaps, and lower carbon, machined steel parts in the magnet circuits which yield a stronger, more controlled tone at all volumes, particularly in the low end at high volumes.

 Ted Weber Speakers are hand-built to order, to ensure the best attention to detail is paid to your speaker.  We build them one at a time, on a table – not hundreds at a time on an assembly line.  This allows us to reduce the margin for error and produce an overall higher-quality speaker.  Please allow 7-10 business days for your order to be built and then shipped.

2 reviews for Bass 15

  1. James (verified owner)

    I am incredibly impressed with this speaker. It is so articulate and the tone is gorgeous. I am inspired when I play through it and in fact have enjoyed playing more and in turn have been playing better. The frequency response is beautiful on this, often I find a strange tone on most drivers on the G string but on the bass15 it is perfectly balanced. I’m in love. The customer service I received was TOP Notch, all of my answers and queries were responded to before I purchased the bass15. The bass15 has soul, it’s hand made and it is a bargain. The search has ended happily for me. I have been curious about Weber speakers for a while and I know now that I made the right decision.

  2. James (verified owner)

    So I bought an old Fender Bassman 50 that’s output is 4 ohms. My first Bass15 was 8 ohms, so I needed another one to go to 4. I am blown away all over again. Any kind of buyers remorse was gone as soon as I fired up the amp and plugged in.

    It sounds incredible. Balanced, great range – it’s all there. And the tone is outrageous.

    I would compare them to the ever so popular Eminence bass speakers but there is really no comparison. These blow them out of the water. They are warmer, rounder and tighter.

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