We are,currently, training 2 new speaker builders..  until we get them up to speed, we will have 10 day production que.  We apologize for the delays.. we build one at a time.. no assembly lines !


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Jim Jones Bias Tables

EL84 / 6V6GT - 12W

Plate Voltage Hot (70%) Avg (60%) Cool (50%)
200V 42mA 36mA 30mA
225V 37mA 32mA 27mA
250V 34mA 29mA 24mA
275V 31mA 26mA 22mA
300V 28mA 24mA 20mA
325V 26mA 22mA 18mA
350V 24mA 21mA 17mA
375V 22mA 19mA 16mA
400V 21mA 18mA 15mA


7189A - 13.2W

Plate Voltage Hot (70%) Avg (60%) Cool (50%)
200V 46mA 39mA 33mA
225V 41mA 35mA 29mA
250V 37mA 32mA 26mA
275V 34mA 29mA 24mA
300V 31mA 26mA 22mA
325V 28mA 24mA 20mA
350V 26mA 23mA 19mA
375V 25mA 21mA 18mA
400V 23mA 20mA 17mA


EL34 - 25W

Plate Voltage Hot (70%) Avg (60%) Cool (50%)
300V 58mA 50mA 42mA
325V 54mA 46mA 38mA
350V 50mA 43mA 36mA
375V 47mA 40mA 33mA
400V 44mA 38mA 31mA
425V 41mA 35mA 29mA
450V 39mA 33mA 28mA
475V 37mA 32mA 26mA
500V 35mA 30mA 25mA


6L6GC - 30W

Plate Voltage Hot (70%) Avg (60%) Cool (50%)
300V 70mA 60mA 50mA
325V 65mA 55mA 46mA
350V 60mA 51mA 43mA
375V 56mA 48mA 40mA
400V 53mA 45mA 38mA
425V 49mA 42mA 35mA
450V 47mA 40mA 33mA
475V 44mA 38mA 32mA
500V 42mA 36mA 30mA


6550 - 35W

Plate Voltage Hot (70%) Avg (60%) Cool (50%)
400V 61mA 53mA 44mA
425V 58mA 49mA 41mA
450V 54mA 47mA 39mA
475V 52mA 44mA 37mA
500V 49mA 42mA 35mA
525V 47mA 40mA 33mA
550V 45mA 38mA 32mA
575V 43mA 37mA 30mA
600V 41mA 35mA 29mA