Alnico Blue Dog

Weight: 7.05 lbs, Diameter: 12.125″, Depth: 5.75″ no cover, 6.375″ with cover, Cutout size: 10.75″


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Classic AlNiCo Vox Tone 12″, 40oz AlNiCo magnet, 1-3/4″ voice coil, ribbed cone.

As with all Weber speakers, the higher the power rating, the warmer and smoother the speaker. The 15 watt is aggressive, bright, with a strong midrange crang. At the other end, the 100 watt is warm, smooth, yet is detailed and clear with very good definition. The 75 and 100 watt models use very high temperature voice coils that are the same weight and mass as the lower power voice coils. That ensures good attack and a broad frequency response due to the low weight and mass of the voice coil assembly.

• Paper cone – standard Kurt-Mueller British cone used in most of our British type speakers.  the 75Hz cone is the more “classic Marshall guitar tone” if you will.  75Hz is the general name that has been given to this cone since the 60s, even though the resonant frequency is closer to 82Hz, which is low E on a standard tuned guitar.  Standard low end with a midrange bump, and clear articulate high end.

• Hemp cone – very soft material, darker, warmer, foggy and less focused. Hemp’s longer fibers give treble notes a sub-harmonic richness that warms the sound. great for that hazy stoner metal thing where articulation isn’t the objective. it cuts the treble, but it also affects the overall response and feel to be more squishy.

Try pairing this with a Silver Bell in a 2×12 combination. Great low end from the Silver Bell, while retaining clarity and definition from the Blue Dog. (or a pair of each in a 4×12).

• What’s Dope?

Speaker: Blue12A
Guitar Style: Hollowbody
Amp Style: Vox (closed cab)


Speaker: Blue12A
Guitar Style: Hollowbody
Amp Style: Vox (open cab)

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Ted Weber Speakers are built with tighter, more concentric voice coil gaps, and lower carbon, machined steel parts in the magnet circuits which yield a stronger, more controlled tone at all volumes, particularly in the low end at high volumes.


Ted Weber Speakers are hand-built to order, to ensure the best attention to detail is paid to your speaker.  We build them one at a time, on a table – not hundreds at a time on an assembly line.  This allows us to reduce the margin for error and produce an overall higher-quality speaker.  Please allow 7-10 business days for your order to be built and then shipped.

6 reviews for Alnico Blue Dog

  1. Russ

    Wow!!! I paired this with a Weber Ceramic 1230-55 in my 2×12 combo and Sweet Mother of TONE! Been playing for more than 40 years. When I flip the toggle to clean I sometimes don’t go back. My ears sense the History of Rock n Roll. You can search, and I have, for the elusive perfect speaker for this sound, but will not find a better match in
    Quality, durability and consistency.
    Famous is the badge, Legendary is my conclusion!!!
    Thanks so much, never stop making it Louder.
    RM Arizona

  2. Andrew (verified owner)

    I purchased the 50 watt Alnico Blue Dog after having used another company’s Alnico Blue, and/or an Alnico Blue and Gold combination for use in my Valvetech Hayseed 30 2×12 combo, which is essentially a 63 Vox AC30 with Normal, EF86 and Top Boost channels.

    Although the other company’s speakers are very good, to me they did not provide those vintage AC30 tones I heard in my head.

    The Weber blues have the chime, but are much smoother and much more musical when pushed and have a nicer low end that holds together better.

    The other Alnico’s tend to get too harsh when pushed at the amp’s sweet spot and the high end is a little extreme and the lows just don’t hold together.

    Paired with the Silver Bell, my amp now has wonderful lows and low mids from the Silver Bell and all the chimey highs and high mids from the Blue Dog.

    My amp now sounds much better across the entire volume range and all my overdrive pedals are much easier to dial in now that the top end is much sweeter and smoother.

    I’ve been wanting to try this combination of speakers for some time now and I’m very happy with my purchase.

  3. Eugene

    My goal was to increase chime in my 66 Thunderbolt, get it more Vox-like. The blue dog alnico 50 watt 12 inch was loaded into an external cab and the Supro redirected in. The result is the overall sound is complemented and improved by the speaker, increasing and making more authentic the 60’s Supro-ness of the tone. A little more chime, maybe, but big improvement to overall warmth and authenticity. Sounds more period-correct to my ears than the stock speaker, surprisingly.

  4. Rad

    My absolute favorite speaker. Now that I have found Weber speakers, no other speaker works for me. However, once I discovered hemp cones, no other cones work for me. I have a 10A150H Weber in my Super Champ X-2 and it sounds both great and magical.

    The Blue Dog hemp cone was to replace a cannabis rex speaker in my HRDlll amp. Got the 100 watt speaker and the clarity and warmth cannot be touched without a Weber (hemp) speaker. Paper reproduces but, hemp fibers sing. Paper or hemp, Weber speakers are the best, IMO.

    Articulation is not something every guitar player wants to hear because, the truth can hurt. Thank you, Weber.

  5. Michael (verified owner)

    Vox had only one production run of this 1×12 AC-30 combo in 2005. It is LOUD. The original "Neo-Dog" speaker sucked. I tried a 50W gold speaker. Beautiful bass, clear mids, but way too harsh in the high-mids and an ice pick treble. I hoped it would mellow over time, but it never did. I tried another (not Weber) blue AlNiCo, hemp cone and fairly small magnet. It sounded really good actually, much better than the gold. But it didn’t go as loud as it should. Got a Weber Blue Dog with hemp cone & H dustcap. Voila! Incredible difference, like lifting a veil. The amp sounds the way an AC-30 should sound: plenty of volume, with attitude and responsiveness. Sweet, chimey high-mids and treble, but no ice pick. The Weber speaker made all the difference.

  6. LuMc (verified owner)

    Blown away! I have a Marshall DSL 40 that came with a Celestion V-Type 12″, found it to be thin and peaky, so ordered up an Alnico Blue Dog 16ohm 75-watt. Where do I start? This speaker turned this amp into a beautifully rich piece of gear. Excellent choice, well worth the upgrade – in fact, the musical upgrade is worth more than I paid for it. The particulars; I’m not a contemporary ‘metal’ guy, maybe some of the older 80’s type – but mostly rock blues/jazz fusion and classic hard rock ala ZZ/Cream/Santana/Aerosmith/GNR/Rush when in the mood. So, I was looking for something a little darker, not screechy that would still push my highs through but roll off the peakiness of this amp. The Alnico Blue Dog was that answer! Biased the Marshall @ 34ma, installed the Blue Dog (perfect mounting match), hooked it up to the 8ohm output – I can only type it here, but really, the difference is night and day – full, rich, absolutely musical, after 40 years of searching… I finally found that organic tone without the use of modelers or pedals that I have longed for. Thank you Weber Speakers, and many thanks to the staff that helped me with my selection – great team… great product!

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