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Cabinet Covering

Here are some pictures of the cabinet covering and grill cloth options we offer. Actual colors may vary slightly, because of the difference in your monitor’s depiction of the color onscreen. Examples of the TWO-TONE and RACING-STRIPE options are shown.  Our cabinet shop can do a lot of cool stuff with coverings. If you choose one of these options, please be sure to explain your choice in the comments of your order, or contact us to make sure we understand what you want.

• TWO-TONE – to cover our cabinets, there are standard wrapping techniques which require certain seams and cuts. the Two-Tone option gives you the choice of two different colors, and these must follow the standard patterns. (for instance you can get a 5E3 cabinet with red sides and a black center.)

• RACING STRIPE – here we can get creative and do just about anything (straight lines only).



Aged Tweed

Smokey Tweed

Black Tweed

Levant Black

Levant Blue

Levant Cream

Levant Ivory

Levant Green

Levant Orange

Levant Purple

Levant Red

Levant White

Vintage Blonde

Vintage Brown

Elephant Black

Elephant Gray

Elephant Purple

Elephant Red

Seafoam Green


Brown Bootleather

Black Bootleather

Brown Cow

Black Cow

Brown Croc





Salt & Pepper

Pin Stripe



Black & Tan

Silver w/Turquoise

American Tan Cane

British Tan Cane