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CHK-11 Black Flattop Chickenhead Knob

CHK-11 Knob


Flat top Chicken Head Knob with brass insert. For Fender tweed amps. Tooled from original Fender part. Black with white stripe.

About our Chicken Head Knobs: The knob manufacturer made the brass inserts with a very tight tolerance, just a couple thousandths over 1/4″ diameter. So, you might experience quite a bit of friction installing them on a 1/4″ or metric equivalent diameter pot shaft. Don’t force it. Back out the set screw and chase the hole with a standard 1/4″ drill bit. The wobble in the drill will ream it out just enough that any standard 1/4″ shaft pot will fit fine. It just takes a second to ream it out.


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