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Home EC100x1-450 CapCan
Item Code: EC100x1-150
EC100x1-450 CapCan Item Code: EC100x1-150

EC100x1-450 CapCan

  • Weber Cap Can. 100uf (x1) @450VDC

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Weber Cap Cans _ have much better isolation than many NOS and reproduction multicap cans due to the use of individual, isolated components. All components used are rated at 105 degrees C. The case is hard drawn copper with high thermal capacitance to release heat more efficiently than aluminum or steel cans as used in NOS and reproduction units. This is important when used in amplifiers with high peak currents. Weber Cap Cans have the familiar twist tabs on 1.05" centers in addition to an integral wafer that has slotted ear mounting for 1-7/16", 1-1/2", and 1-3/4" spacing. Cap Cans are 1.25" diameter by 2.85" tall