Best Speaker Fender Super Champ X2

The Super Champ X2 (and predecessor the XD) is a wonderfully versatile amp with lots of cool voicings. It is also a particularly affordable amp, making it very popular because you can get a wide range of tones out of a little package. We have two main choices depending on your preference – the 10F150 and 10F150T. Basically, the 10F150 and 10F150T are the same speaker except for the cone – same magnet, voice coil, etc, but different cones.

Suggested speakers:

Suggestion #1: 10F150 (8 ohm, 25w, light dope)

The 10F150 is a very solid speaker with nice big tight low end, plenty of midrange information, and a rolled-off treble that is articulate but not harsh. This is a strong and bold sounding speaker which is best for players who are looking for a big punchy sound with plenty of headroom, without an over-abundance of treble.

Speaker: 10F150
Guitar Style: Telecaster
Amp Style: Fender

Get it today: www.tedweber.com/10f150 


Suggestion #2: 10F150T (8 ohm, 25w, light dope)

The 10F150T is similar to the 10F150 with its strong low end and robust sound, but it has more articulation on the treble side. This is great for players that may want a bit more breakup to their sound, one that retains cut and top end even when turned up loud.

Speaker: 10F150T
Guitar Style: Telecaster
Amp Style: Fender

Get it today: www.tedweber.com/10f150-t

For either choice, I recommend 8 ohms, 25w, light dope, standard dustcap.


Check out this excellent comparison video from our friend Jack Fossett

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