Best Speakers for Fender Twin Reverb

(all versions: blackface, silverface, ultralinear, all re-issues, etc) 

The Twin Reverb is known for its characteristically clean tone at very high volumes.  This amplifier is great for surf and country, as well as being well-known as a pedal platform. 

It is famously heavy – even without speakers! – but our choices won’t add a lot to the weight. My suggestion? Wheels.

Suggested speakers:

Suggestion #1: two Ceramic California 12 (8 ohm, 80w, light dope)

This speaker is the ticket if you are looking for that JBL clean tone, with no breakup whatsoever. kind of a big broad clean surf type tone. The dome type makes a big difference on how the high end reacts. Check out the descriptions on the product page linked below:

Speaker: California 12F
Guitar Style: Telecaster
Amp Style: Fender

Get them today: www.tedweber.com/cali12f


Suggestion #2: two Ceramic Chicago 12 (8 ohm, 80w, light dope)

This is the choice if you are looking for a good clean tone as well as a good crunch tone with a decidedly American voice. Here is a video clip that gives you a little bit of any idea: Weber Chicago 12 (Ceramic): Through a Fender Twin Reverb and Epiphone Casino

Speaker: Chicago 12F
Guitar Style: Telecaster
Amp Style: Fender

Get it today: www.tedweber.com/chi12f

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