Ceramic Gray Wolf

Weight: 7.9 lbs, Diameter: 12.125″, Depth: 5.125″, Cutout size: 10.75″

“I love that it has the familiarity of those other named speakers so I don’t have to relearn my amp’s EQ, but has its own voicing to not sound like any of the others and be unique.” – Eric S.


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Include TONECVLT Badge?

The Blue Dog’s wilder cousin. Also now part of the TONECVLT Series. TONE CVLT. 12″, 50oz Ceramic magnet, 1-3/4″ voice coil, ribbed cone. Bold and aggressive. Strong upper midrange punch. Good clarity, strong low end. Great for aggressive high-gain and down-tuned music, or to give your clean tone a bit of hair without losing definition.


The perfect blend between the Blue Dog and the 12-30, with the classic British tone of the Blue Dog, the crunch of a 12-30 without the sometimes harsh brightness and the EQ and strong mid punch of a 12-80, perfect for both open and closed back cabs. “I love that it has the familiarity of those other named speakers so I don’t have to relearn my amp’s EQ, but has its own voicing to not sound like any of the others and be unique.” – Eric S.


This speaker was originally categorized in our British Series, but its aggressive nature spawned an entirely new series designed for metalheads: the TONECVLT Series. This speaker now resides in both series, as it works well for players of rock as well as metal. What is the TONECVLT badge? It is a small plastic badge you can put on the front of your cabinet to show off that you have great speakers inside!


British Series style:
power: 15-50w
dope: none to moderate
dustcap: standard


power: 75-100w
dope: heavy or pre-rola
dustcap: either


• What’s Dope?

• What’s an H dustcap?


Note about impedance: we offer these speakers in 24-ohm as an option, specifically for 3×12 and 6×12 setups, which avoids the common problem of some speakers receiving more power than others, but rather balances it out so each speaker can be as full as possible. (24-ohm 3x parallel = 8 ohm cab. 24-ohm 6x parallel = 4 ohm cab,  24-ohm 6x series-parallel = 16 ohm cab. see diagram)


featured video






Speaker: Graywolf12F
Guitar Style: Les Paul
Amp Style: 50w Marshall


Speaker: Graywolf12F
Guitar Style: Les Paul
Amp Style: High Gain


Speaker: Graywolf vs Silverwolf
Guitar Style: Les Paul
Amp Style: 100w Marshall

0:00-0:19 Gray Wolf distorted
0:20-0:30 Gray Wolf clean
0:30-0:50 Silver Wolf distorted
0:51-1:01 Silver Wolf clean
1:02-1:23 Gray Wolf + Silver Wolf distorted
1:23-1:32 Gray Wolf + Silver Wolf clean
1:32-1:58 Alternating distorted


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Ted Weber Speakers are built with tighter, more concentric voice coil gaps, and lower carbon, machined steel parts in the magnet circuits which yield a stronger, more controlled tone at all volumes, particularly in the low end at high volumes.


Ted Weber Speakers are hand-built to order, to ensure the best attention to detail is paid to your speaker.  We build them one at a time, on a table – not hundreds at a time on an assembly line.  This allows us to reduce the margin for error and produce an overall higher-quality speaker.  Please allow 7-10 business days for your order to be built and then shipped.

7 reviews for Ceramic Gray Wolf

  1. Bill

    I agree with everything Weber says about the Gray Wolf. It has the ‘tone to die for’ of the Blue Dog, with a more mid-focused tone and great punch, along the lines of the CL-80/MC-90, but without the harshness the 12-30 and 12-80 have, especially in open back cabs. From quiet clean playing to the most beautiful of British blues tone to the raunchiest of ultra high gain, it does it all without any bitching. The Gray Wolf is probably the best ‘British’ speaker of all time. If this had been available back in the day, I think this would have been used by probably everybody. I would suggest the large dustcap if you spend most of your time with very high gain, but you can’t go wrong with this speaker.

  2. Eric Seaman

    Yes, there are many types of wolves and none are to be befriended or even petted when hungry or in a pack. But this wolf will literally chew your mind into loving the Weber family of sizzling meat-like(non vegetarian) speakers all over again. I submit the Gray Wolf for everyone’s approval. I love this speaker. In the spirit of putting lipstick on a pig, or gold chromed rims on a 87′ Hyundai the Gray Wolf fell off CJ’s carefully placed assembly line([sic] we don’t use assembly lines here!) and made it’s home in my Peavey Bandit 65. And oh, what a home it is! 1980’s solid state distortion combined with blaw tone from the factory courtesey of Hartly Peabody himself couldn’t even tame this wolf! What I’m saying is that this GRAY WOLF 50 watt 4 ohm custom made speaker actually made my $20.00 Peavey bandit 65 amp playable. And it actually rocks so hard the Blue Dog is taking notes as we speak out of shear fear but no loathing. Just pure jealousy here. And actually, the real test is whether or not my guitar tech will actually play my amps after I get them fixed up. And what rating he gives them out of ten speaks volumes. Gray Wolf chewing on some old Peavey solid state technology made my amp 8 out of 10. NOTE: No solid state Peavey amp has ever achieved a higher rating that 6.2 out of 10. That’s just the way life is. So here’s my advice, because it’s easy to overthink this stuff. Just pick up the phone and call(or email) CJ. Tell him what amp you have. Trust his ears and pay for the speaker and go home and stop pretending you know more than these guys at Weber. They are speaker God’s to be feared and admired. Again, took my Peavey bandit 65 from a 4 out of 10 to a solid, picky tech rating of 8! Eight! Oh man. Like I said, stop thinking, give CJ an shout and let him put things right in your amp world. And the most important thing is that I liked my amp before installing the Gray Wolf. Now, I actually love this old amp and she’s a rocker is the comments most heard around my house and band practice room. I bought a second one and will be getting another Wolf asap. They run in packs right? Of course they do.

  3. Ty (verified owner)

    I’ve been a weber speaker player for over a decade. I heard about them after being frustrated by speakers like the v30 and similar, more modern Celestions, and not being able to get warmer Greenback-like sounds in a higher watt format at the time. My first Webers were a Blue Dog and Silver Bell pair. I emailed Ted Sr. and he couldn’t have been more patient or helpful with my questions. The speakers lived up to, and exceeded, my expectations and have served me well ever since.

    I play several different genres, and am a professional musician, on stage and studio, and have played with an assortment of regional bands/artists ranging in styles like modern rock, funk, jazz, gospel, modern R+B and more. Like most musicians, I like to experiment with different sounds, especially via speakers. With some of my more recent work calling for a more modern sound than the warmer, vintage-inspired tone of the Blue/Silver and Legacy speakers I had been using, I decided to check out something new from Weber. I checked out the sound clips, got in touch with CJ, and ordered a pair of Gray Wolves (pre-rola, 100w, standard cap).

    The Gray Wolf is every bit as good as what you hear from weber’s sound clips. Even better. Front loaded in my Soldano 4×12 the speaker has tons of character and texture, thick mids, big thumping bass, clear highs, but never sounds harsh or thin. It’s very much as Weber describes it: clean it’s eerily similar to my 50w Blue Dog, just beautiful (even with high gain amps not known for cleans!), but with more bass and just a tiny bit of hair to the tone when I dig in. When used with crunch the GW begins to distance itself just a little bit from its cousin. It’s much hairier in a pleasing way, a little more of a modern sound and feel, yet it can still easily do the vintage thing just as well as the Blue.

    High gain is where the Gray Wolf really sets itself apart from the Blue Dog, Silver Bell, and Legacy speakers that I’ve used and loved for years. All of the previous Webers I own are fantastic speakers and sound great with any genre or amp that I play, but they all have a very strong vintage vibe. While there’s plenty of room to EQ what you want, that vintage tone and feel isn’t always what I’m going for (like for some modern rock or metal sounds). The GW takes the good things about those Weber speakers (as well as the good things about speakers like the v30 or h30) and blends them together in a modern sounding package. The most amazing thing is that the different aspects seem to come out on demand, almost becoming a different speaker when called upon!

    When you dial in a high gain, modern rock sound the wolf unleashes the dirt without getting compressed, stiff, harsh, or bright at all! It really opens up high gain sounds, making them sound less compressed while still as dirty as you want, and again absolutely zero of the harshness or overly bright aspects one might find in a v30 or h30 type. The gray has the bass of a great h30 or m65 type, but with much more punch and thump like the Silver, the clean chime and fat mids of a Blue, clear midrange but absolutely no harshness or honk, and tons of texture/character like a great Greenback or Weber Legacy with a touch of h30 on top. And the best part is how the speaker seems to change up depending on what you need as you play, like a mind reader! I can’t stress that enough, it is an ideal do-it-all British speaker!

    Using high gain amplifiers like my Soldano SLO the Gray Wolf is exactly what I wanted. Gorgeous Blue Dog-like cleans, big low end thump, fantastic crunch and otherworldly high gain. From fast sweep playing to laid back R&B lines, choppy funk to chunky metal riffs, these speakers brought it! With all my amps, I could set the EQ anywhere and be guaranteed good sounds with clarity and punch, but no overly bright or harsh aspects whatsoever. I also took some time out to see how it recorded. I quickly put an SM57 just outside the dustcap and it recorded beautifully! Very similar to what you hear from Weber’s own clips: great lows, thick mids, excellent clarity. No hunting for the right mic position, no hassles at all.

    One last thing, a shout out to CJ and the rest of the Weber folks. They have always been a joy to talk to and do business with. CJ got back to me about my questions in a little over 24 hours (must have been busy, it’s usually much faster–LOL). Weber states a 7-10 window for the speaker to be built and then shipped and mine were shipped the morning of the 9th day (which included my request for extra break-in time!). The speakers were well packed, double boxed, with retainers to hold them in place and they included some cool swag 🙂 Again, just a pleasure to deal with, every time and this was no exception!

    I’ve owned and played a lot of different makes and models of speakers from Celestion, WGS, Eminence, etc. Most of them are fine, but just that – fine. They get the job done, but they aren’t anything special, nothing to get excited about.

    Webers are something special. And if Brit tones are what you’re after, especially is versatility is at the top of your list, pick up a Gray Wolf.

  4. Benjamin (verified owner)

    Looking to upgrade my amp I did some research came across Weber and sent an email to them in the evening. Next morning came and so did a follow up email answering all my questions. I was very impressed by their (C.J.) response time and knowledge to say the least. I don’t think you’ll find customer service like this anywhere else and I know you won’t find any better. When the speaker itself arrived I was equally blown away at how badass and diverse the Gray Wolf is. It does exactly what they say and then some. Big Thanks to C.J. and everyone at Weber for taking the time to make a great product and provide great service!.

  5. Shaun (verified owner)

    Weber has simply amazing customer service! CJ will respond almost immediately and help you anytime with any concern you may have. Highly recommended!

  6. Richard (verified owner)

    Without going into great detail and technical analysis and speaker speak that I am unqualified to do anyway…this speaker has the tone that’s been in my head and in my ears for years and years. A beautiful Deluxe Reverb tone from a late model reissue.

  7. Brad Smith (verified owner)

    Paired this Gray Wolf with a ceramic Silver Bell to bridge the gap between edge-of-break-up to moderate to high gain tones from a variety of amp builds. They are perfectly complimentary and don’t balk at any amp, guitar, or volume. I plan to get one more of each for my 4×12!

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