Alnico Legacy 12

Weight: 7.05 lbs, Diameter: 12.125″, Depth: 5.75″ no cover, 6.375″ with cover, Cutout size: 10.75″


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Cone Style

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Weber Speakers is proud to offer Ted Weber’s Legacy Series 12 inch speakers with Alnico magnets. These speakers were some of the last designs Ted worked on, and we have perfected his vision (by not doing anything besides producing the speakers). The ‘Legacy’ line is similar to a group of speakers that we previously built as a ‘turn-key’ product for a retailer. We have decided to honor Ted’s legacy and exclusively sell these speakers via our website.

Ted designed these speakers to reproduce the classic ‘Marshall’ british tone, as faithful to the original sound as he could. 40 oz AlNiCo magnet, 1.75 inch voice coil, 30, 65, or 100 watt. 75Hz or 55Hz cones. Available with standard British dustcap or Large H Screen Dome.

Power level: always get more power handling than your amp puts out. Amps can generate more power than their ‘ratings’ indicate. No speaker is indestructible, so bear that in mind before cranking your Marshall amp and wondering why your speakers are blown.

Cone type: 75Hz cone has solid bass, even mids, and good clarity. Your standard “Vintage Marshall” cone. 55Hz cone has deeper bass, a darker voice, and smoother highs. These are great for deep bass notes and creamy tones.

Dustcap type: Standard British = even, clear, good for clean and distorted. Large H Screen Dome = smoother highs, takes the edge off high frenquency distortion. (Great for high gain amps that have too much treble in the distortion)

Doping: Pre-Rola treatment standard.

• What’s Dope?
• What’s an H dustcap?

Ted Weber Speakers are built with tighter, more concentric voice coil gaps, and lower carbon, machined steel parts in the magnet circuits which yield a stronger, more controlled tone at all volumes, particularly in the low end at high volumes.


Ted Weber Speakers are hand-built to order, to ensure the best attention to detail is paid to your speaker.  We build them one at a time, on a table – not hundreds at a time on an assembly line.  This allows us to reduce the margin for error and produce an overall higher-quality speaker.  Please allow 7-10 business days for your order to be built and then shipped.


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