Weight: 8 lbs, Diameter: 15.19″, Depth: 4.625″, Cutout size: 13.75″ for rear-mount, 14.25 for front-mount


Impedance * 




Dome * 


Cone * 


Replacement for JBL D130/F and other 15″ applications where a smooth, broad tone is desired.


15″ speaker, 4″ NeoMag magnet circuit and single layer voice coil with edgewound aluminum wire designed to have the same magnet circuit energy and voice coil force characteristics as the original AlNiCo D130/F. Broad, smooth, uncolored, strong low end. Original all paper or cloth edge curved cone. Available with paper or aluminum dome. Can be configured as a replacement for the D140F by choosing the heavy-duty coil and ribbed bass cone.



Aluminum: Very bright, almost piercing highs akin to vintage JBLs. Good for crystal cleans, but avoid for even slight distortion.


Paper: High end is tonally darker than the Aluminum, but definitely not “dark”. It is more piercing only under heavy pick attack. Good for brighter cleans and slight overdrive.


NOTE: The polarity is reversed from typical Weber Speakers, just like JBL speakers. RED IS NEGATIVE, BLACK IS POSITIVE.

2 reviews for NeoMag15

  1. A1 Industrial (verified owner)

    Wunnerful, wunnerful, wunnerful.
    I got it , wired it and fired it, just laying there on the floor.
    It ain’t even in a cab yet.
    Punchy, loud and bright…
    Mine with cloth surround and paper cover.
    Weighs nothing.
    No more 12’s after this.
    Waiting on the baltic birh for the cab, but this thing is great!
    Amp is Mesa Boogie TA-30
    Great match.

  2. A1 Industrial (verified owner)

    In the cab now, I went with a half-back…
    It is mind-blowing.
    So much more bottom that a 12″ sounds thin.
    You have to hear it to believe it.

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