We are,currently, training 2 new speaker builders..  until we get them up to speed, we will have 10 day production que.  We apologize for the delays.. we build one at a time.. no assembly lines !


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Home PV30MH Attenuator Harness
Item Code: PV30MH
PV30MH Attenuator Harness Item Code: PV30MH

PV30MH Attenuator Harness

  • Attenuator harness for any amp that has a hard-wired speaker.

Dual male spade connectors on the cable end connect to female spade terminals on the cable that went to the speaker. The other end of that cable connects to the input of the MASS. The other cable plugs into the output of the MASS and the end of that cable is connected to the spade lugs on the speaker. Each cable is 2ft long.

Technical Details


To use with a single hardwired speaker:

To use with a combo with two speakers wired in series (like the Vox AC30)