Recone Services

Please read this entire page before sending us your speaker. 

Click here to fill out the Speaker Recone Input Form.

We must have the reconing form before reconing your speaker.  Additionally, the reconing form must state exactly what is to be done to the speaker as far as different impedances, cones, dustcaps, etc. Although we may receive emails concerning the recone after it is received, it gets very confusing and difficult to follow through with multiple requests, changes, etc. Often times, the recone is near completion when a change is requested.

Recone Turnaround time is 3-4 weeks at this time. We do not notify you when we have received the speaker, so please get a tracking number when you send it, and use that to confirm delivery. If you have further recone questions, please email Brian.

Reconing of any speaker includes:

  • Demag, Clean, Remag
  • Replace all soft parts (cone, gasket, voice coil, etc.)
  • Replace damaged terminals
  • Full testing.

If your speaker needs repair beyond this, there will be an additional $25.00 fee for the following services: (Don’t worry, we will contact you for authorization before proceeding with this work. If you know your speaker needs it, you can pre-authorize this work on the recone form.)

  • Replace or repair loose magnets, if possible
  • Recenter shifted poles, if possible

Reconing Weber Speakers

  • $35.00 US + Shipping & Handling
  • any model, any age.

Reconing Prices for Non-Weber Products

  • JBL 12: $115.00 US + Shipping & Handling
  • JBL 15: $115.00 US + Shipping & Handling
  • Fender-JBL 12’s and 15’s: $110.00 US + Shipping & Handling
  • Altec (All Sizes): $115.00 US + Shipping & Handling
  • EV (All Sizes): $115.00 US + Shipping & Handling

     Please Note: We can not recone any JBL 8″ or 10″ speakers. We only recone the 12″ and 15″ speakers, and only the D, E, K 120*/130/140 variations. (*excludes the D123)

   All Other Brands (Vintage Jensen, Celestion, Utah, Oxford, CTS)

  •   6″ : $65.00 US + Shipping & Handling
  •   8″ : $70.00 US + Shipping & Handling
  • 10″ : $80.00 US + Shipping & Handling
  • 12″ : $90.00 US + Shipping & Handling
  • 15″ : $100.00 US + Shipping & Handling

If you have a funky looking old speaker, a field coil speaker, or a very unique speaker, please email me directly (brian@tedweber.com) and send a picture of it so I can analyze it for potential reconing. I’d like to see the cone straight on, the magnet and back end of the speaker, and a view under the cone showing the disk (spider) attached to the cone. For field coil speakers, you do not need to remove transformers, connectors, wires, or magnet covers. Just send it as it is when you remove it from the amp. We have the proper equipment to test all field coil speakers.

Speakers We Do Not Recone

Although we receive many requests, we are unable to recone the imported Recoton speakers with the Jensen labels commonly referred to as Jensen reissues. Also, we cannot recone any JBL 10″ speakers, nor any Eminence speakers (as our parts do not fit correctly).

Third-Party Speakers

Important: We do not accept third party speakers for recone. What do we mean by that?

People buy speakers from a person or on ebay, reverb, etc. and then have that person send us the speaker to be reconed. We have received many without reconing forms, incorrect addresses, no method of payment, incomplete reconing options, and the speaker isn’t even close to what the seller described it to be. We simply don’t want to get stuck in the middle of a dispute. So, if you purchase a speaker from an individual or on ebay, you will need to have them send it to you, and then you send it to us. Additionally, we are unable to forward a reconed speaker. It must be returned to the person who sent it to us. We apologize for the inconvenience. Don’t you just love it when one or two people ruin it for everyone else?

We match the original parts as close as possible or recone to the customers specifications. We do not source official factory recone kits. If those are required, they must be supplied by the customer.


If you wish to pre-pay by check or money order, please contact us for the total before sending your speaker to be reconed.

Please read and understand this: Our opinion of power rating and the opinion of many speaker companies are way apart. That’s why we recone so many speakers — they blow up. We consider this statement to be a qualification of our warranty policy. Most speakers will not take the continuous power rating claimed by the manufacturer, particularly at high volumes with heavy distortion.

Recone Turnaround Time

Please note the comment in red at the top of the page regarding recone turnaround time. Tracking your speaker along the way to us will ensure it was received, but we would appreciate it if you would not start calling or emailing us immediately about its status. We will try our best to turn your recone around as noted above. Continuous status inquiries may go unanswered due to the volume of other email we process daily. If you track your package online and it shows it has been received by us, you can be assured we will get to it as soon as possible.