RSUB_PWR-LO Resistor Substitution Box

Use: B+ power supply resistor string filter node adjustment.


Low Power Resistor Substitution Box, 0-5K, 2 watts.

OK, I admit it. You can calculate circuit values until the cows come home but sometimes it’s so much easier and faster to just dial it in. I’ve been a ham and involved in engineering for over 35 years, and I gotta tell ya, these are undoubtedly some of the most indispensable tools I have ever had.

The Low Power Resistor Sub Box is a 5K, 2 watt wirewound pot you use for final tweaking in the power supply chain feeding the preamp stages. Believe me, tweaking this way and dialing in a sweet spot will just make your jaw drop, it is so easy and fast. I realize these are unregulated power supplies, but getting it close and ‘nominal’ by this method saves a ton of time.


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