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Alnico Signature 10S

Weight: 2.85 lbs, Diameter: 10.19″, Depth: 4.875″, Cutout size: 8.75″






Economical replacement for late 50’s Chicago Jensen P10R and other late 50’s early 60’s AlNiCo 10’s.


10″, 7oz AlNiCo plug magnet, 8 ohm, 15 watt, 1″ voice coil, seamed, ribbed cone. Brighter, smoother, later breakup, aggressive, compressed at high volume.


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Ted Weber Signature Series speakers use all industry-standard parts and are an economical choice as a replacement speaker for low to moderate volume use. We keep stock of these speakers so they ship within a few days of ordering.

4 reviews for Alnico Signature 10S

  1. Michael

    Bought a Signature 10S specifically for my Fender Super Champ X2 combo. The stock Fender Special Design (by Eminence) 10" is a decent speaker for the voices that are being modeled, but the Sig 10S gives some emphasis to the chime I prefer with the Fender/Vox voices and compresses when pushed. Give the Sig 10S time to break in and it rewards you with crisp, defined tone below volume 5 and smooth compression above that. Also, it’s an outstanding value at its price point.

    To install a Sig 10/10S in the SCX2 combo without removing the end bell, swap the amp’s two rear panels and invert the one that has the "tube cage." In this position, the tube cage will not prevent idiots from touching the hot tubes. To install the Sig 10/10S with the SCX2 panels and tube cage in their original locations, remove the end bell and the magnet will clear the tube cage.

    Yours in tone. -Michael, entirely pleased owner of a Signature 10S, 10A125, and a Blue Pup.

  2. ron

    put a pair of these in a 1962 Tremolux cabinet powered by the original head- What a great surprise- these had all of the nice low end of the originals and a much better balanced mid to high shift that the original speakers lacked. The glassy top end that alnico’s are famous for was there but not a hint of harshness or what many describe as ice pick like. Just sorry I no longer have a Super Reverb because 4 of these would be monstrous! These represent the hands down best value in an Alnico speaker and the build quality and sound quality is stunning.

  3. Jason

    Another Super Champ X2 user here. When I got the amp, I put a Ragin’ Cajun in it because the stock speaker was really weak and that’s what lots of people put in. It got more powerful sounding but lost a lot of the articulation and chiminess that bought the amp for in the first place and I wasn’t happy with it. Looking around some more, I ended up here and was between this speaker and the regular Sig 10. This speaker brought back the great tone and clarity of the amp, and continues to get better 6 months later as it breaks in. As the other reviewer said, it starts to break up a little above the mid volume setting. I don’t know how much of that is amp and how much is speaker, but in a small room it’s actually pretty loud and I rarely turn it up past 5 or 6. I believe if you’re like me and just using the amp for lower-volume practice and recording, the regular Sig 10 might be the better match. The 10S definitely will carry the amp all the way to the top of its range though, so I’d recommend it if you’re going to be using that higher volume. At lower volumes it’s very clear. Maybe one day I’ll spend the little bit of money to try the regular Sig 10 but I’m in no hurry because this one sounds great. You can’t go wrong for the price.

  4. [email protected]

    Great speaker for a tweed amp. I put 3 of these in a 5E7 clone, and it really opened the amp up. They replaced a blue/silver/tone tubby hemp combination that I had in there. Sometimes it is better to go with a speaker that is more true to the amp. I play my Gretsch 6120 through a reverb unit in to the 5E7, and I don’t want to put it down.

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