Ceramic Silver Bell

Weight: 7.9 lbs, Diameter: 12.125″, Depth: 5.125″, Cutout size: 10.75″


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Classic Marshall Tone with ceramic punch. 12″, 40oz Ceramic magnet, 1-3/4″ voice coil, ribbed cone.

Bold, big low end, more headroom than the AlNiCo version. Reminiscent of the classic Marshall stack tone.

As with all Weber speakers, the higher the power rating, the warmer and smoother the speaker. The 15 watt is aggressive, bright, with a complex and textured midrange and upper midrange bite. At the other end, the 100 watt is warm, smooth, yet is detailed and clear with very good definition. As with the Blue Dog, the 75 and 100 watt models use very high temperature voice coils that are the same weight and mass as the lower power voice coils. That assures good attack and a broad frequency response due to the low weight and mass of the voice coil assembly.

• Paper cone – standard Kurt-Mueller British cone used in most of our British type speakers.  the 75Hz cone is the more “classic Marshall guitar tone” if you will.  75Hz is the general name that has been given to this cone since the 60s, even though the resonant frequency is closer to 82Hz, which is low E on a standard tuned guitar.  Standard low end with a midrange bump, and clear articulate high end.

• Hemp cone – very soft material, darker, warmer, foggy and less focused. Hemp’s longer fibers give treble notes a sub-harmonic richness that warms the sound. great for that hazy stoner metal thing where articulation isn’t the objective. it cuts the treble, but it also affects the overall response and feel to be more squishy.


Try pairing this with a Blue Dog in a 2×12 combination. Great low end from the Silver Bell, while retaining clarity and definition from the Blue Dog. (or a pair of each in a 4×12)


Note about impedance: we offer these speakers in 24-ohm as an option, specifically for 3×12 and 6×12 setups, which avoids the common problem of some speakers receiving more power than others, but rather balances it out so each speaker can be as full as possible. (24-ohm 3x parallel = 8 ohm cab. 24-ohm 6x parallel = 4 ohm cab)

• What’s Dope?


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Speaker: Slvr12F (Silver Bell)
Guitar Style: Les Paul
Amp Style: 50W Marshall

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Ted Weber Speakers are built with tighter, more concentric voice coil gaps, and lower carbon, machined steel parts in the magnet circuits which yield a stronger, more controlled tone at all volumes, particularly in the low end at high volumes.


Ted Weber Speakers are hand-built to order, to ensure the best attention to detail is paid to your speaker.  We build them one at a time, on a table – not hundreds at a time on an assembly line.  This allows us to reduce the margin for error and produce an overall higher-quality speaker.  Please allow 7-10 business days for your order to be built and then shipped.

10 reviews for Ceramic Silver Bell

  1. JM

    I have this speaker in 50 Watt and light dope. It’s one of the best all-around speakers I’ve used. I love these in my Dr Z amps. I want to try the alnico version next. Weber is top notch!

  2. Rhett

    I run this in a 1×12 cab. I have the 100w, medium dope, 8 ohm version. This thing sings! At high volume it doesn’t flub out like many other speakers. The clarity is beautiful, and it really lets my custom made Marshall shine through! Great for that old Rock n Roll!

  3. Mike (verified owner)

    Great speaker for my Dr Z Carmen Ghia combo! It had a nicely broken in G12H30 anniversary speaker in it but I was always missing something? The mids weren’t very solid, highs seemed thin. Asked for a suggestion from CJ and he said Silver Bell Ceramic 50w Moderate Dope. I had them break it in before they shipped. It sounded great right out of the box and only continues to get better! There’s my mids! Highs are fuller and still very present but smooth! Felt like a touch more bass but I think it’s just the low mids filling in where the G12H30 was lacking, plus an overall tighter feel on all frequencies. This speaker really delivered precisely what I was looking for. A little more headroom and just a better, clearer/fuller tone overall! Thanks CJ and crew for the great and prompt service!!!!

  4. Mark

    I have a few Silver Bells, one for a cab for a ’68 Fender Champ and one for a cab for my Orange Dark Terror.
    Let me first say that the Silver Bell produces the most beautiful clean tones I’ve ever heard from any speaker. Bell like, bold lows with a lower midrange presence and beautiful bell like highs with no shrill or spikeyness. The Silver Bell will compliment Fender Clean tone perfectly.

    The Silver Bell for my Orange Dark Terror is PERFECT! This speaker does EVERYTHING BEAUTIFULLY! From Fender clean to Dark Terror distortion…this speaker does it…and does it beautifully! I have tried every brand speaker out there….no comparison, save yourself some money and get the Silver Bell and never look back!!!!

  5. Scott (verified owner)

    I replaced the stock Jensen speakers in my Koch Multitone with a Blue Dog and Silver Bell. This combination is what C.J recommended to me and I’m really impressed. These speakers sound much smoother and have more character than the stock speakers and they blend really well together. I posted a before and after demo on Youtube. You can find it here https://youtu.be/9Ngwe7hpTJ8 I highly recommend Weber speakers. They have awesome customer service and superior quality speakers.

  6. Chris (verified owner)

    I think the "Marshall" mention may be a bit misleading. This is an excellent all-around speaker and I absolutely love it…….but do not seek typical Marshall tones. I’m using this in a Goodsell Super 17, which is an EL84-based amp with AC15, Marshall 18 watt and tweed tones. Prior to the Silver Bell I used a Celestion G12H30, Warehouse Reaper, Alnico Blue and Weber ceramic Blue Dog. All of these are great speakers. But something was missing. The Silver Bell has less coloration, tighter and more pronounced bass and really sweet breakup. It seems to have scooped mids to my ear, compared to the other speakers. It is beautiful clean—the best of the bunch, and breaks up in a way that isn’t necessarily Marshally except for the tight bass and nice grain you get with a Les Paul. When I EQ the amp for a more Tweed sound, the speaker handles it great. So I can go from Blackface-ish cleans to chimey Voxiness to tweed/JTM45 beauty with one speaker. An absolute aces of a speaker that I fear is not falling into all the right hands because of the Marshall mention. This makes my Vox-ish amp sound better than the Vox-ish speakers. Anyway, 5-star all the way.

  7. Miguelferrariart (verified owner)

    Hi folks,

    I hit the 6th string E and knew right away this is a special speaker.

  8. Kiyotsugu (verified owner)

    I bought 50 watt and used with Bruno head. I got My best sound with this spkr. Beautiful !

  9. Richard (verified owner)

    I built a custom 112 closed back light weight cabinet for this baby and the combo sounds fantastic. To my ears it’s very close to a Marshall 412 slant cab at 1/4 the volume and even less footprint. Lets face it footprint is important to every band member when gigging on a small stage at a small venue where no one likes a real estate hog.

  10. Richard (verified owner)

    I resurrected the infamous ’90s Marshall JTM30, much disliked for it’s over heating issues. That being corrected, I replaced the flimsy 210 particle board cabinet with a custom built open back cabinet accommodating 1 10″ and 1 12″ speakers. I have always wanted to try a 10/12 combo and I love it!

    I chose this speaker as the 12″ speaker in a 50W rating for the big bottom end and classic Marshall tone, warmth and headroom. I love it! I paired it with the 10″ Vintage Ferromax (see that review) ceramic again in 50W rating. Which provides tighter mids and a little American style chime to the mix. This is my go-to British Blues amp, it’s warm, bright and sultry with sold bottom ends and lots of clean headroom. Oddly, it loves good boost and over dive pedals as well.

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