Just like the rest of the world, we are facing supply chain issues. We thought that we placed various parts re-stocking orders with plenty of time to spare, but we are continually seeing and being informed of shipment delays. We will, for certain, be running out of some crucial parts (magnets, cones, etc.) but hope that it will only be a small wait time for deliveries. We appreciate your patience and understanding during these unprecedented times. As needed, we may take items out of stock or unavailable to avoid any misconceptions that the products are available or will ship sooner that later. Thank you, Weber Staff

Getting a speaker? Please read the Important Information and Warranty Info:

New speakers need to be broken in. Brand new cones are stiff, which can result in a little more high end fizz and a somewhat diminished and strangled low end, or very little high end and an unfocused low. We recommend 12-20 hours of playing at moderate volume to get the speaker mostly broken in. As the creases work their way into the cone, these things smooth out. and the speaker gets a little louder. Please check out this article which helps further explain breaking in a speaker. <click here>

1) Weber Speakers are hand-built and made to order.  Please allow at least 7-10 working days for a speaker to be built and then shipped.  This is an estimate, and due to our workflow at any given time, this lead time may be shorter or longer.

2) Weber Amp Kits include all parts necessary to build a vintage-style guitar amp.  They include no instructions, however, and are intended for experienced builders who can follow a schematic and/or layout.  The schematics and layouts are downloadable images on the corresponding amp kit page (in the technical info tab).  We do not provide printouts. see #3 if you are getting a cabinet with your amp kit:

3) Weber Custom Cabinets — including all cabinets for amp kits — are also hand-built and made to order.  The lead time for our cabinets can be anywhere from 5 to 7 weeks. If you are ordering a cabinet (all of which are defined by the customer) or a kit which includes a cabinet; and decide to cancel the order after the cabinet has already been started, there will be a 25% fee (taken out of the refund) due to the custom nature of the order.

4) Electronic devices – such as the MASS, MiniMass, Bias Rite, etc. – are built in-house. Please allow 7-10 working days for these items as well.

5) Electronic components – resistors, capacitors, transformers, etc. – pending inventory availability will ship within a few days of the order.  Due to the complexity and quantity of the part numbers associated with these components, we request that you order these online only.

6) We recone Weber Speakers and select other speakers.  Check our Reconing Services link for more information.

7) Shipping/handling: We currently use a few shipping methods, which are noted during checkout. (Note on USPS Priority Mail: You may be given the option for Priority Mail 2-day shipping. With the nature of our products being hand-built and requiring a lead time, unfortunately this shipping method doesn’t mean that you will receive your speaker in two days after ordering.  It means that once the speaker/attenuator/etc is built and then ships via Priority Mail 2-day,  it will be in transit for 2 days, generally. If you have any questions about clarifying this, feel free to ask.)

8) Shipping is calculated when the order is put into our data system, and represents an estimate.  Additional shipping/handling may be required. (We try to get this as close as we can, but sometimes there are special circumstances).  You will receive an email with the tracking number of your order when the package is ready to ship.  (Please note that this tracking number may not be active until the following business day). 

9) All Weber products carry a 30-day warranty against manufacturer’s defects.

10) There is a 25% restocking fee for all returned products that are not defective. This includes speakers that show signs of having been mounted.

11) Important note to International customers: We charge for the price of shipping plus a handling fee for the boxes, tape, etc. We do not collect any fee for the VAT tax, duty, brokerage fee, etc.  Please be advised that you may be responsible for these charges once the package arrives in your country. Please take it under advisement that you should investigate this if you have any concerns with added expenses to this order or any other order you place from U.S. companies.

We receive many requests to declare lower values for the products we ship in order to reduce import duties and taxes. Due to our legal responsibilities and the possibility of your shipment being held for further evaluation, we must declare actual value for all shipments. Please do not request a lowered value.

Also, in all of our years in business, we have never been able to collect on theft, loss, or damages from the government Post Offices. If you request that we ship your order through the government Post Offices, we can not be responsible for theft, loss, or damages.

12) Refund policy: Our payment processors including credit cards as well as PayPal charge a fee for each transaction. So this means for any order cancellation or return, a full refund of the purchase price is not available. (You will receive roughly 4% less than what you paid, if the item is not within the standard 25% restock window.) We apologize for any inconvenience and appreciate your consideration, understanding and cooperation.