New speaker model that is the perfect mix of American and British tone. IN STOCK AND READY TO SHIP


vcsro_4 Voice Coil

VC, aluminum, 2.472″ ID, 4 ohm, 1.5″ ht, 100 watt


VC, aluminum, 2.472″ ID, 4 ohm, 1.5″ ht, 100 watt

We DO NOT sell recone kits.

Weber Recone Parts are designed to be replacements for the parts used in vintage and modern guitar amplifier speakers. The parts listed are meant to be purchased and used only by those who are familiar with reconing speakers and are aware of the modifications necessary to adapt some parts to a particular application. You must define the kit yourself.

Because the parts require critical alignment for proper fitting and operation and are glued permanently in place during assembly, we can not warranty them other than to provide assistance in collecting from the carrier for damaged goods.

For more information about the reconing parts, feel free to write us.


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