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W022772 Transformer

5 to 15 watt Power Transformer, 125P1B

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[Power Transformer for Tweed Champ, Champ, Vibro Champ, and Princeton. 120 and 125 Volt input.]

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2 reviews for W022772 Transformer

  1. Carl

    I’ve built dozens of amps with the W022772. I’ve never had one fail or be anything other than advertised. The 300-0-300 and 330-0-330 taps make it good for lot of different amps and for experimenting. Unlike many replacements this one has a center tap. The leads are bit more heat sensitive than some so be careful. Great.

  2. rad

    Once again Weber rewards its customers with an excellent price and a workhorse of a PT. 100mA of current and wiring that make more sense to me.

    Connect the AC hot to the black wire, choose brown or blue to match wall current and connect the rest. Love having the center taps.

    Do yourself and Weber a favor by using this transformer for your American Class A single end builds. The rigorous testing Weber does ensures quality and dependability.

    Leo designed his Fender circuits with the ‘mojo’ and used what he could get for the least money. This transformer exceeds what is needed and will never strain to provide the power for the builds it is intended for.

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