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12" Beam Blocker (5" Dome)

12″ Beam Blocker (5″ Dome)


THIS ONE IS FOR EXTREME CASES. In the vast majority of cases, go with the 4″ dome: click here.

The Beam Blocker is a simple device that is installed between the speaker and the baffle on rear-mounted speakers (see drawing for front-mounting.) The dome shaped diffuser prevents point-source high frequencies from beaming directly out of the cabinet to create that ice pick sound. Instead, they are diffused evenly in all directions to blend with the lower frequencies which tend to radiate in a wider pattern.

The Beam Blocker allows you to make use of speakers that have a tendency to be beamy, harsh, or generally unusable due to their extreme high frequency response. The idea of using a diffuser is not new. Many performers including SRV were known to have applied a patch of duct tape on the grill cloth directly inline with the center of the speaker to block the beaminess. The Beam Blocker performs that same function while diffusing the high frequencies evenly in all directions.

Here is a video by Rick Fass, which shows some very helpful information about the Beam Blocker, including how to install it. (Try to ignore the speaker brands in the video. Your setup will sound much better with Weber Speakers.)

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  1. tim (verified owner)

    The modification #1 at the bottom of the description is the research that I provided several years ago, as is the diagram of the mounting – for front-mount cabinets, like the Mesa Boogie Mark series amplifiers.

    I have used the Weber Beam Blockers successfully for a number of years, and own about 5 of them I think. I won’t use another cabinet WITHOUT one! When you play the small clubs, like I do mostly, you are on top of your gear, and taking the full brunt of the audio – leading to tinnitus. The Beam Blockers, in my opinion, take the harshness out, and STOP the beaming effect, reducing audio injury due to high volumes and beaming.

    I continued to modify the original design, and then submitted my findings just before Ted passed. I got a nice reply, but haven’t seen that design update mentioned nor offered. I suppose it would involve a re-tool. At any rate, this is a GREAT product, a Ted left us with a great tool!

    Here’s a link from today – 110316: [http://i556.photobucket.com/albums/ss4/tboehlert/secret_03_zpsjt9x4co3.jpg]

    It’s a 12", with 5" Dome, installed into a Mesa Boogie Mark 1 Reissue (’95) over a Celestion MC90 branded 90W 8ohm speaker. This one is NOT modified to my new design tweak.

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