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Wolverine 15

Weight: 11.6 lbs, Diameter: 15.125″, Depth: 6.31″, Cutout size: 13.75″


Impedance * 




TONECVLT 15″, 60oz ceramic magnet, 100 watt, 2-1/2″ voice coil, cloth-edge curved cone. Large H dustcap, heavy dope.Very Loud, aggressive but smooth, uncolored, huge bottom like an EV, bass cone. For guitar!

Ted Weber Speakers are built with tighter, more concentric voice coil gaps, and lower carbon, machined steel parts in the magnet circuits which yield a stronger, more controlled tone at all volumes, particularly in the low end at high volumes.

 Ted Weber Speakers are hand-built to order, to ensure the best attention to detail is paid to your speaker.  We build them one at a time, on a table – not hundreds at a time on an assembly line.  This allows us to reduce the margin for error and produce an overall higher-quality speaker.  Please allow 7-10 business days for your order to be built and then shipped.

1 review for Wolverine 15

  1. Thomas (verified owner)

    I play various forms of Extreme metal with a rig thats focused on a doom sound. I dont have much experience with 15" speakers. The 2×15 I bought these for had original 70s Altec Lansig 15’s from the 70s. They probably worked for a week before they "blew". In this limited comparison I can absolutely remark on the Wolverine. First off I was worried with the lack of demos what these would turn out to be. The highs are smooth. Quite bearable at high volumes if you use a bass/mid heavy tone. And surprisingly pleasant if you go for a bright sound. The bass response is excellent. Its not so tight that I’m shooting to start replicating sterile modern metal tones. Its as boomy as you need it to be. Apparently these compare to EV’s which I’ve never tried so I cant comment on this. I can say one thing for sure. If you doom or you fuzz then you need to load a cab with these.

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