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Alnico Signature 10

Weight: 2.85 lbs, Diameter: 10.19″, Depth: 4.875″, Cutout size: 8.75″






For tweed amps with AlNiCo 10’s. Economical replacement for CTS, Chicago Jensen, and Oxford 10″ AlNiCo’s.


10″, 7oz AlNiCo plug magnet, 8 ohm. 15 watt, 1″ voice coil, straight cone. Warm, crunchy, early breakup, aggressive, compressed at high volume.


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Ted Weber Signature Series speakers use all industry-standard parts and are an economical choice as a replacement speaker for low to moderate volume use. We keep stock of these speakers so they ship within a few days of ordering.

1 review for Alnico Signature 10

  1. Spreadcom

    I was searching for the perfect Blues combo amp for recording or just jamming around the house. Something that would give me a full smooth sound, and could be easily over driven to a creamy tone with just enough edge to cut as needed. I wanted to fill the room without chasing the neighbors out.

    The solution was to build. The cabinet is a made from pine, very similar in size to a Fender Blues Jr. The chassis is a 5F1 Champ clone. The speaker is a Weber Alnico Signature 10 model Sig10a.

    Perfection has arrived. I am amazed at the sound of this speaker. I use both a Les Paul and a Telecaster. I get tones from thick to thin, hovering mostly at the "sweet spot" in between. Richness and articulation throughout the spectrum. I can easily swap out the speaker to try something else, but honestly – I don’t think I ever will.

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